Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Work for what?

I received an email from a friend and old coworker the other day. He told me of some other guys I used to work with who both had some serious health issues. One had part of a lung removed and the other a tumor near his liver and pancreas.
I actually woke up last night and I could see all the guys before these two who, like them, former co-workers who were either dead, or battling sickness in some form.
I could see Norman, Dick, Tom all dead soon after leaving the workplace. Lopsey a part time guy in the winter also dead. George, now Dane battling cancer. Even Tony and his near death coffee choking and electrocution all make me wonder what people work for. I know people need money etc.. but work till you die?
It makes me think of peoples first reaction to something offered or proposed when their answer is "I can't do that" The mind set of the routine, the knowing what everyday will be before it happens. Almost like a zombie state. Every day the same until..BOOM wake up, you are sick. It is time to live life for the time you have left.
I really hope people I know and others I do not, do things when the opportunity arrives and not let the "I can't do that" mentality hold them back. Whatever it is, do it. Who knows how much time any of us has.