Thursday, February 24, 2011

Walled In

The walls are just about done on the first floor. They are getting ready to install the beams for the second floor now.

Etapa (Cuenca's water utility) installed the new water main in the street the other day.
We should have our own water in a few days. Wow. We are still awed by the flow of things and continue to be amazed.

Stay tuned................J&D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Apartment round up

Yea, yea, Long over due. Well here are some before and afters from similar angles. Everything went great and we were on budget.
We were going to rent the unit out but have decided to put it up for sale. We are focusing on the house and want to do some extra things now while they are building so everything will be done at once. I will do a separate post showing mucho photos of the apartment.
It was a total gut job and cannot believe it is the same place when we look at old photos.

Stay tuned...........J&D

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Last week I went to the land almost daily. Daily there were new walls. It is really amazing to see these guys work.

After seeing how fast things are happening I will continue this regime, at least until the main structure is complete.
We have made minor tweaks to some walls here and there, changing some window configurations and the guys are very cool about it when we make a change. That is a great thing about visiting with regularity, you see things on site you could not possibly see on paper.

Oscar, Ivan, and I meet every Friday to go over things and Oscar and I visit often during the week sometimes together sometimes not.
I know from my own experiences in a former landscape construction life not to push the time table or the workers.
We are very happy with the pace and know it will be built extremely well.
Thanks again to my amigo in Orlando, without you none of what we are experiencing now would be possible. See you in a few short weeks.

Stay tuned.............J&D