Monday, June 11, 2012

Completo and poco mas

Our projects or at least the ones we hired out for are DONE!!!! YEAH!

Here is the terrace all done. It is a great space,  and the BBQ, well lets just say, flame on Johnny!
Oh and yes, our new addition, this is Cuenca. She is an 8+ week old Wheaten "soft coat" Terrier. She has settled in pretty quick to our life style. The cats were less than pleased but are slowly making friends.

 mornings are amazing

This BBQ is awesome and warrants a closer look. Remember this is made from scratch, no prefab parts here.

The bottom door stays closed during cooking, it keeps out the breeze but opens for access to the drip pan.

Check out this feat of engineering. It works great and if/when it needs replacing just unbolt and have a new burner unit made, and yes this is way cheaper than a store bought grill, by a lot.

Thanks for checking in and as always........Stay Tuned


Jason, Donna, Kilo, Florin, Zhucay, and Cuenca