Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays

We are having a wonderful holiday season. Though at this time of the year we miss our family and friends back in the US, our new family here has made this year one of the best.
We are very fortunate to have fallen in with a great group and look forward to many holidays and events.

We wish everyone a safe New Year and hope prosperity finds you all.

Until next time..................J&D

so close...........

Will be ready soon.

It Begins

Our December has been great. On the 10th ground was broken and work has started on our home! This is as it looked on Christmas day with the foundation prep underway.

main view from house
Ecuador is a seismic area so a good foundation is a must have.

nice and deep

laying out the house

site work

this is the main view from the salon.
We are very excited and looking forward to our final move!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Up North

Cotopaxi from the plane

Thought I would mention our trip to Otavalo, Cotacachi, and San Antonio a few weeks back. If you are in the market for anything of the textile persuasion head to Otavalo, tons to see and prices are great. Cotacachi for anything leather. San Antonio is the woodcarvers location with tons of art and furniture, all amazing to see.
That is one of the many great things about Cuenca, very centrally located in the country. I would encourage anyone living here to get out and see some sights. Ecuador is an amazing place.
Something I would have never thought of while out and about, if you are someplace and you buy something but it is too big or you already have too much stuff in the way of luggage have your item shipped to Cuenca. Barbara had a beautiful walnut piece shipped for an amazing $6 bucks. That was delivered to her front door, very cool. Is she happy, you bet..........

On a seperate note the apartment is very near completion. We are looking at next week for things to be complete. Furnishings will follow quickly. Anyone interested in short term accommodations next to Park Calderon shoot us an email for info.

Until next time...............J&D