Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Congratulations to the new owners of the condo off the park. They have scored a great place in downtown!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Put on a sweater


Temperatures four to five degrees below seasonable averages are the result of cold air moving north from Peru, according Ecuador's national weather service. The cool temperatures have delayed air travel in Quito and Cuenca and have caused icing conditions on highways in the Cajas Mountains west of Cuenca. Snow as deep as two feet fell in the Cajas last week.

Weather service spokesman Alejandro Terán says the phenomenon, vaguada de Peru, occurs several times a decade and covers Ecuador with cooler air. Terán says the cool air should move out by the third week of September and temperatures will return to seasonal norms.

In the first two weeks of September, Cuenca has recorded low temperatures of 40 and 41F, while Riobamba and Ambato have seen temperatures of 30 and 32F.

August and early September is the coolest time of the year in the southern Andes, including Cuenca. September usually sees a warm up that lasts until March.

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rough grade

Rough grade means finish grade will be next, yahooooo! Really looking forward to start landscaping.
We are going to need a few loads of loam.
future terrace

cistern. The sinks and shower water as well as the water from one roof will go into this for the plants. Big no-no to use potable water for the yard, fines possible.
septic, how is that for some mineralized earth. This is a pretty deep hole. This tank will have to be pumped out every couple years or so.
I have been saying, "one month" for a couple months now, but I really think, "one more month." We'll see. We are really getting excited.
Oh and mom, don't worry I think it will be done for your visit. Maybe.....

Thursday, September 1, 2011


For the 3rd time, twice in a month, I today left my keys in the truck and the damn auto locks shut me out. The first time I was able to have ChevyStar save us via a signal shot through space.
The second time with the help of my neighbor got it opened with a trusty old coat hanger after the signal was unable to work that day. Today, ChevyStar sent out a guy to open it. Upon his arrival he used his version of a coat hanger and opened it. After the 2 second job he said the price for a service call was $50 bucks. I just renewed the ChevyStar (more than $50 bucks) and said I was not going to pay that amount. I gave him $10 bucks for his time but that was it. I could have used my hanger again for free, I thought they were going to do some magic ChevyStar thing. A cab is $8 bucks from town so I think $10 was fair. Oh yea I have a new chain around my neck, with a key on it!

Remember to take out the keys!
Until next time.................

The light at the end of the tunnel.......

Wow, things are really coming together. The day they started to install the window frames, the guy came to run our power and landline to the meter box. We still need the power company to do the hook-up but it is all there ready and waiting. We had 220 run to the house and all is underground from the pole. The carpenter is quite a craftsman; we asked for screens on all the opening windows and from the looks of the frames everything is going to be as requested. The glass will be installed after the frames are all in. The exterior is sealed and painted and things are moving along inside. We are very happy and grateful for the way things have gone, someone has to be looking out for us!