Thursday, April 26, 2012

Terrace Project

This WILL be the final big project. I will do the yard myself but will pic away at it, poco poco. 
 Just about there
 Prep for cement
 Retaining wall
 Excavation for wall footing, below grade 3'.

We are using a different crew on this project and they are great. We are very happy with the work and know we will enjoy this space for years to come. This series of photos covers just about a 3 week period.

They are also building a gas BBQ. I tried cooking with charcoal, do not know if it is the altitude or what but it is not an option for us here.
Stay tuned.....................

Friday, April 13, 2012

recent pics

Here are some pics of the main living areas of the house.

We knew when we first saw the property we found something special. Sights like this make it even nicer.

Here are a couple of our neighbors. On occasion they like to take a walk around and try some of that greener grass.
Once again sorry for the large gaps between posts but we are very busy......busy doing nothing.
Thanks for viewing and as always, stay tuned.

This is Jason and Donna from the campo outside Cuenca signing off

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's over...or is it?

Well let's see. Construction is always a stress filled time, but now that it is over and I have stopped dry heaving, we look back in awe at what has transpired.
It took about 1 year to build and we are thrilled that we are in and the building is over. (as I write this we are in the midst of a small project to finish the terrace out back and the plate compactor is humming in the back ground)
I have to say our experience was a relatively smooth ride, certainly there were some bumps in the road but that is a given in any project. Our builder Ivan and Oscar our architect did nice work for us and we are thankful for their services.
My friend Wayne likes to say there is a 96% rule when it comes to building here, meaning you get about 96% done and then the workers leave and you are on your own. I cannot disagree.
The process here building was a lot different here than our past experience building in Aruba, we never built in the US, but I was and still am amazed at what they do by hand and the quality of the finished product here in Ecuador.
While we are certainly tired of moving and construction I would still go this route any day of the week.

A few things to keep in mind if you go the construction road.
Contractor/Architect-who will do the job
House design- 1 story or 2, what materials, brick,adobe,block,need a fireplace?
Water/septic and electrical service and back up systems (is it around and how to get it to you), a cistern is a must have. In the country basic services will go out from time to time so being prepared is essential. A booster pump is also a must have as part of your water system so you have good water pressure in the house.
Set back requirements for your area.-they have different rules for different areas, like near water.