Sunday, July 15, 2012

not much new

The ponds make great reflecting pools when the sky puts on a show.
These guys are adjusting to the daily grind con puppy.
This was a big day.
Fozzy, (changed her name right after the last post) is doing great and growing fast. She is great fun.

Ok, time for an umbrella drink on the patio..................ciao

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ecuador's Amazon at the Sacha Lodge

 Finally, our trip to the Amazon and the Sacha Lodge. Wow seems like a long time ago. Lets take a peek.
The above photo is of a new bridge in Coca. It looks a whole lot the the Zakim bridge in Boston.
This bridge is a result of the oil industry and the need for big trucks to access the opposite side of the Napo river other than on a raft style ferry boat.
 After a 3 hour power canoe ride up the Napo you arrive at the staging area for the lodge on its banks.
 After a pee break it is off to another canoe for a paddle cross a lake to the lodge. Some of the trails in the jungle had walks like this (mostly around the lodge facility) , others not but it is always important to not stray off the trail to not damage the area.
            The approach to the lake.
  The lodge's sun deck greets you as you paddle from the inlet.

 This is the canopy walk. Very high above the jungle floor you get a unique view of the Amazon and can really see the sky line. Looks like you are standing above heads of Broccoli, and very cool to see.
The infamous Red Belly Piranha. This guy was caught off the sun deck next to he swimming platform.
The Hoatzin bird
  Hoatzin up close. Very cool. (photo by Pauline)
 Tree frog seen on a night walk. (photo by Pauline)
Tucans preening after a quick jungle downpour.

The Amazon is a must see and yo will not be disappointed if you go. Our trip was mid Dec.