Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great Steak

This was our second trip to the Terrace since we have arrived back to Cuenca. The food and prices are very good.
This is called churrasco. 2 fried eggs on a tender cut of beef called "lomo fino" with sauteed peppers and onions. Rice, with avocado and fries. $6.20. Hard to beat this flavor combo for that price.
Still a voting member in the clean plate club.

The walk home was quiet last night. Must have been because it was a Monday night and it was 10:30. This is Benigno Malo. Donna and I could not help but notice how clean the street was. As anyone knows who has been or lives here this is the norm. You do see litter after a parade or the occasional beer bottle but they are not left alone for long, and the bits you see do not turn into piles. We like the cobble stone streets. Much nicer atmosphere than asphalt.

Santo Domingo church at night.
Until next time............J&D