Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Temporary Housing

We rented an apartment for a month until our house is ready. It is in a great location, an easy walk to almost anywhere in the Historical District. From the street you only see doors, hiding all the court yards behind them.

The view down the street toward the park and cathedral. It is about a 10 minuite walk.

That is one thing we really like, walking everywhere. Cabs are cheap when needed but walking is the way to go (during the day). Unless of course your wife gets carried away at the mercado buying fruits and vegetables.
You need to pay attention when walking the streets in the Historical District as they are cobble stone and the walkways are of various widths. Everywhere there is a driveway the walkway dips to meet the street and if you are not paying attention you could stumble and fall. The only thing we do not like is all the car and bus exhaust when walking on a busy street. There is no such thing as a perfect 10 anyplace but a 9.5 is good for us.
Until next time..........J&D