Monday, April 19, 2010

Great Rice

The dish is called chaulafan. It is similar to fried rice that you would see in the US but I think it is better. I believe it originated in Peru but is popular here. We have not had a decent rice since we left the states. Aruba's fried rice was not good anywhere we went so this was a welcome find. This had shrimp, peas, onion, bacon, egg, pork, avocado, fried plantain, and chicken. It was yummy.
Donna and I had this for lunch at Gracies (not sure on spelling) on Gran Colombia a few doors down from the Eucalyptus Cafe going away from the park center.
This dish and 2 aqua sin gas (non carbonated water) set us back $4.80. There was plenty for us both. We went to the Mall Del Rio recently and I tried the food courts version of chaulafan also. It was good but, it was still mall food and of course a little more coin.
I will try to remember to click a photo before I inhale my meals but sometimes I plain forget.
Tonight we are going to a great steak place so stay tuned.....J&D