Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sling Box

For anyone moving abroad who enjoys sports
do I have the gadget for you. This device called sling box ( and it allows you to watch any channel of the cable box it is hooked up to.
You need a family member or good friend to be the base for the unit. Unless you want to watch what they are watching you need your own cable box for your slingbox. This way you can watch what you want.
You need to have someone on that end to set it up. After it is all set you log on as if you were signing on to an email account.
We watched part of the Red Sox last night and I thought this is blog worthy. You do not need the fancy expensive units. We have the basic and it is great. I think they are under $200 bucks now. Oh and that is it. No monthly fees or anything. Of course someone has to pay for the cable box every month (thanks mom). It was a X-mas gift our first year out of the US.
If you have a tv with a six pin connector you can attach you computer to the tv with a cpu monitor cable and see it on the tv's display. Ahh technology.
Well sports fans enjoy following your teams where ever you are.

Until next time..........J&D