Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catch the fever....

Well I made my second soccer game in as many weeks. It was Cuenca vs. Quito. There was alot more energy at this game and alot more people. The first game I went to there were a little over 8 thousand in attendance, As you can see from the score board there were a bit more. The game ended in a draw but Cuenca trailed the whole way until the final 5 minutes or so. The place was very loud when they scored. At the end of the game you can see the umpires get an escort off the field. The police make a kind of roof for them when they approach the stands. Notice the happy fan saying "your number 1". There were many bad calls against Cuenca. It is a good thing they tied it as I think there might have been a few things flying through the air. (more than already flying of course)
Last week when we went as we approached the stadium I was told that Uruguay's team colors were blue(I had on a blue pull over) but with the rain I had on a trash bag but did not feel like people thought I was rooting for the visitors. This time as we approached I was told Quito's colors were white (yup, white tee shirt). I stopped at the first place and bought a Cuenca jersey, a bit too risky this time with no trash bag for coat. There are vendor everywhere on game night. Got it for $5 bucks. We got to he stadium and the lines for tickets were HUGE. The price $15 bucks. We bought ours from a scalper to avoid the lines. Price $16 bucks, well worth the extra dollar to get right in. Rich, Chris, Stu, Adrian and few others went. It was a good time and we will be going again.

Cat update......They are doing fine.