Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Feria Libre

This am we went to a huge outside mercado. They have it all. Fruit, veggies, meat, fish, plants, chocolate, live animals, everything.
We went with Rich and Nancy, Barbara and Howard and our guide was Ignacio, Donna's hair guy. It is a bit overwhelming. They only have this market In Wednesday's and Sunday's.
You have to go early to get the choice stuff and also it has not been sitting out long.
All the beef was culled yesterday as well as the pork and chicken and lamb.
I did not bring my camera or anything valuable(except Donna) as this is pic pocket central. Only bring what you are going to spend and the bags to carry the loot.
I wish I could have taken pictures as this has to be seen to be appreciated.

I also caught my third soccer game last night. Cuenca vs. Guayaquil(Barcelona)
The place was packed. The biggest crowd yet (and the most "passionate"). Learned a whole bunch of new Spanish swear words. It ended in a tie 1-1. There was a game before the main event with the "b" teams of each club. Cuenca won. It was 5-1 I think as we saw these goals happen but they did not post the score on the big board. It was in progress when we got in.
We had to stand for the 3+ hours we were there. I went with Stew, Chris and a couple from Australia passing through. It turned out nice, no rain for the big game. A bit during the first but it went away.

We are also closing on our house in a week or so and we bought an apartment in El Centro. The location is unreal, 1 block from Calderon Park. We will post all that soon.
Sorry no Pics, but do not fret, more to come.

Until next time...........J&D