Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is Fabian. He has been of great help to us since our arrival in Cuenca and is a trusted friend. He has been mentioned before in other blogs but he deserves mentioning again.
He will go with you to negotiate prices on anything you need for a house or condo. He is a good driver (you know what I mean if you have been here) and in trustworthy and honest.
His number is 09 10 78 135. He will do tours of the surrounding areas or around town.
We have also used Martha for help. She joined us at Supermaxi and showed Donna what was what. Her number is 08 94 89 541. This was helpful as of course,everything is in spanish, but also packaged differently. One example is dish soap. They do have the bottles we were use to but they were not very good. Martha showed us what the one locals buy. We would have never known what it was by looking at it. The container looks like a tub of turtle wax.
It is definitely a good idea to know a couple people who can translate etc. that you can trust, as someone is always busy. The more people you know, the better chance you can get help when needed.
Until next time...............J&D