Monday, April 12, 2010

Personal Maintenance

We have been fortunate to have hooked up with some quality health care people so far. Paula above and Maria below were both recommended by Larry Marler, a fellow expat here in Cuenca. Paula, now our dentist has cleaned both of our teeth. ($15 buck each) and we were both very happy with the job. I hate dentists and have spent my share stuck in the chair with various things done in the US. Donna is having a post and crown done and I will let you know how it went. I think it is around $200.00 but will post actual price when done.
Maria, Donna's physical therapist is really good too. In the 2 visits she has been we know she was a great find. Donna had hip replacement surgery in January of 2008 and has never returned back to 100%. I would have to say we took a few steps back while in Aruba because the therapist there, well sucked.
We have no doubt now that we have Maria on the job things will be as they once were, full range of motion and good strength in the leg. $10.00 per hour for the work she has done and she does not rush. Heating pad, ultra sound, deep tissue work then stretching and some exercise.
We really are happy and highly recommend them.
You can find there numbers and addresses at Larry's blog: retire in cuenca There is also a link through Cuenca High Life.
At last we have the hair. Ignacio worked in Manhattan for many years before returning to Cuenca. Donna really likes him because he has organic color products. She hates the smell of the chemicals. I think he has those too. She gets a color, cut and style for $40.00
I get my hair cut since I am there. $5.00 bucks for me. I could get it cheaper but he does a good job. Ignacio's place is called "grupo fama" It is across from the Hotel O'verde.
Once again we are very pleased with finding these people and can tell you the things they do are done well and worth the money. They are all very nice people too.
Until next time................J&D