Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Mercado

First let me apologize for my incredible spelling and grammar. I rely on spell check to make me look literate but I guess even the computer slept in class. Went to the mercado again but now that we are blogging I am taking photo's of everything worth sharing. This is 10 DE AUGUSTO, this is one of the local markets in the Historical District. We have been to 9 DE OCTUBRE as well but it seems I am able to negotiate at 10 DE AUGUSTO so we like it better. The rows and rows of fruit and vegetables is pretty cool to see. It is split up into a fruit and veggie section, meats, bulk grains rice and beans, and fish. There are 2 levels, fruit etc on the first and there is a food court area with a few more fruit and veggie vendors also on the second. It has escalators to take you up or an elevator if you choose. Stairs for the not so lazy but with all the walking the escalator is a nice ride. It is easy to buy alot as the prices are cheap. Make sure you have enough sturdy bags on hand to carry away the loot.
This pile of food cost a whopping $10.65 You have to look around at the different vendors and ask the price. I always try to get a lower price. Most of the time you can, it is expected. If you do not you are paying more than you should. If they will not negotiate it may be that is the price. You can find out by if you are being gouged by checking around at other vendors.
This is our egg connection. He is about a block down the street from our apartment. We went by one day and saw the stack of eggs. We bought eggs the first time at Supermaxi so when they were gone we brought the empty carton down for a fill up. $.10 cents an egg. They are great. It is amazing what you find sprinkled along the streets. There are bakery's and pastry shops every block it seems, so the smell of fresh bread and other treats is always in the air. Ice cream is also very popular and there are shops located strategically to fix you up when the need hits.
Well I smell something good so until next time.........J&D