Sunday, August 29, 2010


This place is a must see for anyone here in the Cuenca area. For $3 bucks a head you get a private tour of the grounds and the production process, and chance to see plants you can no longer see in their natural setting.

There are over 4000 species of orchids in Ecuador and this place has over 1/2 that number on the grounds.

Some fragant, some not, all cool. I discovered that the vanilla bean comes from an orchid while on this tour.

This you actually see flipped 180 degrees but I saw this face and it reminded me of the "Mothman Prophecies" a must see movie with a erie vibe (based on true events).

Last but not least the "Monkey Face". It is amazing to see these plants and I am glad we went.
I am sure we will go again.
The facility is located on te road to Gualiceao about 25 min outside Cuenca. They have many varieties for sale along with other nic nacs and books about the orchid, ample parking also.
Get out there and see the sites.
Until next time.............J&D