Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dragons Blood

This is "Sangre de Dragon" or Dragons Blood. You might remember reading about it when Chuck went to the Amazon (
It is sap from a tree in the jungle. This little vile can be had for a couple bucks in the San Fransisco market. Look for the woman selling all sorts of traditional, natural medicines and various trinkets to ward off evil spirits.
I was somewhat skeptical until I used it. Only a small drop on a cut knuckle and it is healing fast.
I had the cut for a few days, repeatedly hitting it again and again, reopening it. After an application of Dragons Blood it felt better and low and behold scabbed over during the night.
You put a small drop on the spot and rub it in. It almost looks like soap as it turns white as you rub. It dries clear and is like a liquid skin that protects the area.
I am now a believer and will reach for this the need arises.

Until next time.........J&D