Sunday, August 8, 2010

any day of the week.

In most conversations, especially now the weather seems to pop up. The rainy and cool days, people huddled up praying for the sun.

Well I can tell you first hand after living in a place where the weather is the same every day, week after week, no rain to speak of and blistering heat, we will take this weather any day of the week. Of course you will notice we did break down and buy a heater.

In Aruba, if you were located away from the breeze your only reprieve was constant a/c. We hate a/c (intermittently it is fine but not constant). You get to a point where there is nothing left to take off, and your still hot. We had a constant breeze and it was still an oven.

Here in Cuenca you just buy a nice alpaca sweater, maybe a heater and fan to circulate the air, a blanket and you are nice and toasty. We are also happy to see the rain, though I have said when is it going to stop, after living with almost none for 2 years it is nice to have it back.

So when you are shivering, cradling that warm cup of tea or coffee remember this weather is
by far the best. Though it does wear on us on occasion, we will take it.......any day of the week.

Until next time............J&D