Sunday, June 13, 2010

Traditional Food and Home Cooking

We had been to the co-op the other day picking up the pieces to some really good eats, and after being inspired by some good home cooking last night Donna went to work this am to make
Aji de tomate de arbol (tree tomato hot sauce), Chaulafan de pollo (Ecuadorian chicken fried rice), and Moto pillo (hominy with eggs).
Shortly after we got up Donna realized that the 5lb chicken we bought, we were unable to cook. I rushed up to Coral and bought this monster stock pot (don't ask about the price) so we could get busy.
Here is the finished Tree Tomato hot sauce. You find this sitting ring side on most tables you will go to where the main fair is Ecuadorian. It is hotter than what you get in town but that is what we like.
This plate has a nice fillet of Tilapia with onions (sorry Charlie) and the Moto pillo with some queso fresco and diced tomato......yum (that was breakfast)

Then the work started. Made a stock with the chicken, then used the stock for the rice. Here are the vegetables, rasins, eggs, and chicken waiting patiently to get into the pot.

And finally the finished product. Wow was it good. I had mentioned great rice in an earlier post but this stomped all over that. A bit of the freshly made hot sauce and a glass of vino and it was better than any place I have been out to eat at. Yes some of you (you know who) will be, when our table arrives, enjoying fare like this one day soon.

Donna did a great job. I guess I should do some dishes..............Ciao

The recipes came form this link.