Friday, June 25, 2010

Odds and Ends...

Here is Marty, Juan and Diane, and Donna and yours truely getting a chance to view the chathedral from a unique spot. Juan, being from Cuenca has many relatives here and that is how we got onto this roof. We also got to spend a good part of the day with Marty, who is heading north on Sunday. Safe travels Marty, we will miss you and look foward to your return. We will try to get a leash law past before your next visit.
We have walked by this place many times but I had my camera so I took a pic. There was a Hudsons in the town I grew up in and this brought back memories of being dragged through the store by my mother, whinning all the way.

This last one is pretty funny. Our neighbors have been looking at this lot and working on finding the owner to make an offer. Well low and behold she showed up to post a sign on the wall that it was for sale with her number. (sitio means lot) The sign had read, Lot for Sale- call *********
Well next door there is a couple houses being built. The builder ran over and crossed out the sign to keep it for himself. Guess what, he forgot to write down the number in his rush to keep it hidden from the buying public.
So if you are looking for a lot in town and wonder why you cannot find one, I would venture to guess this is a story that gets repeated over and over.
Until next time...........................J&D