Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nice change..........

In Aruba gasoline was big bucks. I do not recall exactly, $3/gallon or more, but we would spend $50 or more almost twice a month to fill up the Subaru (it would be at about 1/4 of a tank). Yesterday I filled up for the first time. You read that right $16 bucks. At the service station, I say that because that is what you get, they pump your fuel, ask you if you have any trash in your vehicle you want to throw out (the man holds up a small trash can as he asks), offers some refreshments, then sends you on your way after payment. It was the first time I can remember smiling at a gas station in a while, other than the first time I got gas, or hitting a $25 winner on a scratch ticket, even finding a buyer for us for beer in the pre-legal years. It was a nice change. I have been told to only go to gas stations where you see the taxi cabs or the commercial trucks filling up so that is what we will do.

We also took our first trip up the Cajas for a bit. It was nice, but boy I am not used to the chill in that mountain air. I guess that is what the canilaso is for. We also saw our first llama live and in person on the side of the road. It kind of looked like the Merrill Lynch bull the way it stood on a rocky ledge. I was a nice day and I like to be able to drive again. I missed driving a standard but did not know it until I did it again. I forgot the camera so we will have to be better about that. We will be heading to Ingapirca soon and will make sure that we have it for that trip.

Until next time............................J&D