Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cures what ails you.........

We too, along with many of our friends are recovering from the recent bug that swept through Cuenca. I was told about this natural product when I asked some people what they recommended at the botica for a cold. This is more of a vitamin type application than "only when you are sick" type med.
You can take either 2 doses 12 hours apart or 1 double dose a day, every day for a month. You are then set for 3 months then you repeat the monthly dose, then 90 off, blah, blah you get it.
Birm is designed to strengthen your immune system and comes from the Orient region of Ecuador. $20 bucks for this bottle.It can be had at most pharmacies or boticas without a script.
I have to say this stuff makes you feel better, or it did for us.

Stay tuned.........J&D