Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dr. Cesar Toral

Well we went to the doctor for our first visit. After asking around and deciding who,we went with Dr. Toral. He gives off a feeling of comfort, confidence, and well being. I have not had that feeling since my primary doc in the US. He spends all the time he needs not rushing in and out.
We went to see him because we were due for a check up/blood work.
I had not had anything since 2008 just prior to our departure from the States. Donna also had a bone density test, and hip x-ray. We both had full blood work and I had a PSA test, and we both had a urine test.
Total cost for all tests and the 2 Dr visits (first was consult second was reading of results) was $311 clams.
I was expecting to shell out closer to say $500 not knowing what to expect. We had our blood work and Donna's bone test at 8:30 am out by 9:10 am. Went for x-ray at 11 am out at 11:40 am. (x-ray dept was busy). Picked up our test results on our way back to the Dr office at 5 pm and then went for our appointment.
We brought our medical records from the US also so he could review and compare to previous tests.
We were given clean bills of health (he told me to try to loose a couple pounds. He should have seen me in 2008, gordo!)
We are very pleased with Dr Toral and would recommend him to anyone in the Cuenca area seeking quality medical services. He will be our Dr during our lives here.
Info: Dr. Cesar Toral (Board certified in the US and a professor and the Universidad del Azuay)
Av. Federico Proano 2-30 (is 1st building from corner at Consultorios Santa Ines)
284 0070 email: ctoral@pol.net
Dr Toral works out of Santa Ines and The Hospital Del Rio.

Lab Work: Anyone looking for a nice lab or looking for a Bone Density testing location we recommend Laboratorio De Endocrinologia
Dr. Marcelo Cordero Loyola
Av. Agustin Cueva 1-23 y Av 12 de Abril (right across from the hummingbird fountain on the corner where the University compound begins)
283 0489

We found this to be a very professional lab and blood work with a light touch.
The nice thing as a bonus is the Kook is a short hop to reload after a night of fasting for your tests.

Until next time..............J&D