Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another thing to bring and info

I just thought I would mention to any of you future residents an add on to your "should bring down list".
It is a good idea to bring down like 3 years worth of medical records (nice to have old blood work to compare and tid bits you do not know or remember for your doctor, dates etc..)
If you have any sort of joint replacement I would bring down a fresh x-ray film so they can compare to any new x-ray. Also if you take a spill they will know how it should look when they repair it (just kidding).
We also brought dental records. It is far better to have this info and not need it than need it and not have. At a minimum I would bring x-ray pics (as new as possible).

And an FYI to anyone who does not know that there are great maps and bus route books available at the info center off Park Calderon. Look for the yellow circle with the "i" in the center.
They have several maps to choose from (ask for them if you do not see). Some show just the historical area and some show the whole of Cuenca. Ask to see more if they only show you one so you can what is best for you.
Ask for the bus route booklet (if they have any). This lists the Bus route numbers and the stops (listed by road). If you have a map and know some streets you will find the routes (this is for the person(s) who is/are in Cuenca for extended periods who know some roads and general city areas or any of you fellow residents who did not know this was available).

Well hope this helps someone out there.
Hasta Luego............J&D