Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mass Transit equals bargin

Today was our first trip using the bus. We found a line that goes everywhere we go with regularity and it starts and ends right in front of our development.
After paying between $2 to $3 bucks each way depending on the taxi and time of day, todays trip to town cost a total for both of us a whopping $1.00! That was to and from town.
The bus was nice though you better sit quick as they are on that accelerator pretty fast. We are thrilled we do not have to switch buses to go to our regular places and will be using the bus as our major transport to and from town.
A single fare is $.25. You can buy a bus pass for $1.50 and just recharge it with as much as you want to put on it at a time.
Riding the bus also is a good way to get your bearings in the city and a feel for different areas.

My advice, jump on the bus and do a bit of exploring. It is a good way to see a bunch and you won't get "gringo'd" in the process.
Until next time......................J&D