Sunday, May 23, 2010

Coming together

We got our living room furniture delivered. Now the downstairs looks like someone lives here. The kitchen too is almost together. It is nice not tripping over the washer and dryer.

Yesterday we heard the ominous rumble of thunder (often and loud). I went to the terrace and saw the clouds rolling in. I thought we were sure to get whacked, but it broke up before it got here. You can see that not far away someone got soaked. I have not seen a wall of rain like that since I worked at the airport. The airfield was almost 2 miles long so when the weather came in you could watch it walk toward you. Seeing that brought back a few memories.

Today was our 1st walk from the house to town. We went the wrong way and it still only took 1 1/2 hours. I think we will make in in 45 min now that we know the way. We saw some cool areas and found a co-op (local produce and meat) that is 10 min away. We will be checking out that soon.

Well I'm beat, so until next time..........................J&D