Thursday, June 2, 2011

Its like....

Cuenca, a small town of 500,00 is a really cool place. I say small town because Cuenca sits in a bowl surrounded by the mountains, and has that town feel. It is also a modern city and a big working farm.
Every place you go where there is a patch of grass you will see several chickens running around and of course the cow or cows, tethered or not, grazing among the happenings of the world around them. Goats, pigs, llamas, horses, donkeys, you see it all.
Part of living on a farm are the smells and the real life things that happen on the farm.
I am sure it is country wide but since we live in Cuenca you really see it, we live right in the middle of a very agricultural society. Food does not travel thousands of miles, in some cases it comes from across the river.
My point is you will see things you wish you had not, smell things you do not like, and maybe say things you shouldn't. Life on the farm is rough, real life. Animals are food, transport, cheap alarms or guards, there are few pets in the North American sense here. Yes there are some but not a ton.
For us we love it, yes I have certainly seen things I wish I had not but you know what, life is not always cup cakes and butterflies.
If you can adjust to country living and the sustaining lifestyle of rural life you'll be just fine.
So if someone was to ask "What's it like" My answer would be "It's like living near a farm".
If reincarnation is a real thing just prey you do not come back as a pig, chicken, cuy or cow here in the Cuenca area.

stay tuned..............