Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On the road.......

I too am starting the Ecuadorian drivers licensing process. Here in Ecuador it is a lot more complicated than when we were in Aruba. There you just show them a valid licence and they issued you one there. Here is a bit more entailed.
Step 1: you must go the the Red Cross to have your blood type checked, you then get a card with your blood type.
Step 2: you have to get some passport type sized photos.
Step 3: you need to get a police report (you need to bring 1 of the photos)
Step 4: Find the driving school of your liking and sign up.

This is as far as I am. I start school next Monday. It is an 8 day course (excellerated course if you know how to drive). I have heard that some people did not have to do all of the practical driving classes once they know you can drive.
My friend Chuck is bring me back a GPS (they sell gps maps of Ecuador here in Guayaquil) so I want to get "legal" before we go on the road to see some of our new country.

Until next time...........J&D