Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1st stop before Cuenca

This was our pad on Aruba. A small 1150 sq./ft. place but we really loved that house. The beach, Arashi beach for anyone familiar with the island was a 3 minuite drive. The California Light House 5 minuites away. We could walk to the Marriot Beach Resort if so inclined, we were not.

No grass here, and with the wind it was a full time job cleaning house, if of course you had the windows open.

Yours truly did all the brick work front and back. Hard work in that heat, as you can see below. A typical summers day.

Do we miss it, not really. It was a great leaning experiance and we do not take anything for granted. If it was not for living there we would not be here in Cuenca now. Fate is a funny thing.
Bon Dia to our friends on the island Pete, Carol, Dan and Heather and others, and our old neighbors Paul and Eileen, Iris and Sandy, Joe, Paul and Ali from Holland, Gene and Bernie, and Tom and Stan, and John and Anna. We think of you often an wish you guys well.
Life, enjoy the ride.............J&D