Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oz (aka Vilcabamba)

Here is the hamlet of Vilcabamba as seen from the hosteria Izhcayluma perched above it.

Sunset over Mt. Mandango.
The center square of Vilcabamba.

Here is Charlie. He ownes this place just off the square. Decent burger and good pizza. Really good fries and homemade mayo dip.

Morning over the valley.

View on the hill looking back a the hosteria's resturant and the mountain.

Mount Mandango.

Another dawn.

The terrain features here are really quite something to see. Vilcabamba is a cool place to visit. I am really glad we chose Cuenca as our home. It was only a 4 hour drive from Cuenca, that includes a stop for lunch in Loja on the way.
The Izhcayluma is a nice place with commanding views of the valley. We will be going back.
These pictures do no justice to real life but give you a sense of the area. Poco Poco.
Until next time........J&D